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The Balloon Shop / Heart Balloon Shop is the Shop that gives a balloon to shoppers for free. Upon reaching Level 15, it will appear in your Task Manager Task Manager as an investment for 400,000 Coins.

Investment (Heart Balloon Shop) Edit

Heart Balloon invest

After the first Investment, a new investment will appear in the task manager for 1,000,000 Coins. After investing, the Balloon Shop will change to the Heart Balloon Shop and a new shopper: Cupid will visit the shopping mall.

What can Balloon Shop / Heart Balloon Shop do? Edit

Lock 3
Locker 1
Lock 2

If there are no shoppers entering a shop, the current amount available to collect will continue to grow by 1 coin gradually. (The Heart Balloon Shop will grow up coins faster in the event that no shoppers stop by)

Trivia Edit