• Kreativepixels

    Table of Contents - In progress by @Laundry.

    Photo Booth - Levels 5-10

    Foot Massage - Levels 5-10

    ATM - Levels 3-10

    Locker - Levels 3-10

    Couple Standee - Levels 3-10

    Shoe Shop – All Level Upgrades

    Lucky Charm Shop – All Level Upgrades; Dialogue

    Florist – Levels 3-10

    Chocolatier – All Level Upgrades

    Candy Shop – Levels 3-10

    X’Mas Cakes – Levels 3-10

    Fairytale Bookshop – Levels 4-10

    Drink Pushcart – Levels 3-10

    Appliances Shop – All Level Upgrades; Dialogue

    Umbrella Shop – All Level Upgrades; Dialogue; Investment

    Bar – All Level Upgrades

    Winter Wear Shop – All Level Upgrades; Dialogue; Investment

    Steak Shop – Dialogue

    Teddy R Us – All Level Upgrades

    Scary Candy Shop – All Level Upgrades; Dialogue; Investment

    Drum Shop – Levels 3-10; Investment

    Cinema – All Level Upgrades; Dialogue


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  • NerdyMovieStarHWU

    Wiki Guide

    March 21, 2016 by NerdyMovieStarHWU

    This Wiki is pretty disorganized at the moment, so, I thought that we need policies. But first, I want to hear your suggestions. 

    • User Page Policy -
    • Layout Policy     -
    • Image Policy      -
    • Chat Policy        -

    Here are some I made

    • People are encouraged to use the wiki's color scheme (light yellow, emerald, and blue) in their user pages.
    • No gore, sexual, and offensive ( i.e racist, sexist, homophobic) images.
    • No offensive language whether directed or not to any Wiki member.
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  • HappyMallStory


    February 3, 2016 by HappyMallStory

    Welcome to the Happy Mall Story Wikia! 

    To get started, contribute on articles or add photos to our database. 

    If you need any help, please visit the active users page.

    Have a fun time on our site!

    - Isabelle aka Julia

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