New Year
The New Year Shop is a Shop that unlocks at level 21. It takes 4 hours and 45 minutes to build and costs 285000 Coins.


Level Base Usage Fee Base Appeal Upgrade Cost Max Coins Build Time
1 Coins25 Appeal12 Coins285,000 Coins625 Time04:45:00
2 Coins26 Appeal13 Coins670,000 Coins655 Time05:15:00
3 Coins27 Appeal13 Coins1,155,000 Coins685 Time06:15:00
4 Coins28 Appeal14 Coins1,740,000 Coins720 Time08:15:00
5 Coins29 Appeal14 Coins2,425,000 Coins755 Time11:15:00
6 Coins30 Appeal15 Coins3,210,000 Coins795 Time14:15:00
7 Coins31 Appeal15 Coins4,195,000 Coins835 Time17:15:00
8 Coins32 Appeal16 Coins5,380,000 Coins880 Time20:15:00
9 Coins33 Appeal16 Coins6,765,000 Coins925 Time23:15:00
10 Coins34 Appeal17 Coins8,350,000 Coins975 Time26:15:00
*Usage Fee and Appeal can be further increased by using items and/or adding decorations


Invest Red Packet 1

Investing in ''Red Packet'' for 1,000,000 Coins will allow you obtain the shopper Lion Dancer and a new item: Red Packet.

Effective Items Edit