Here are this Wiki's administrators, if you need any help, you can tell them.


One can call him Nerdy, and he is this wiki's founder. Though he is semi-active due to commitments, he is still open to suggestions and messages over every Wikia member, with a probability of 3/5 to answer. Also, he created the foundation of this Wiki, its starting pages and format. This days, he makes revisions to Benny's edits.


Benny30111, or Benny, for short, is an admin and B-CRAT who created many pages, added new formats, and added many pictures after Nerdy and HappyMallStory became inactive. He is well thanked because of his loyalty and support to this Wiki.


HappyMallStory, who refers herself as Isabelle (or Julia, by the way), is an admin and a B-CRAT. She has recently returned to the Wiki after a break. After Nerdy's absence a few years back, she was the one who managed this Wikia. Like Benny, she added many pages and information.