Xmas Cake-1

The X'mas Cakes is a Shop that unlocks at Level 16. It takes 3 hours and 30 minutes to build and costs 85000 Coins.

Dialogue Edit

Shopkeeper Edit

  • "Freshly baked goods!"
  • "Happy Holidays!"
  • "Yes we have!"
  • "Enjoy!"
  • "Merry Christmas!"
  • "It's on discount!"

Shopper Edit

  • "Om nom nom!"
  • "Any log cakes?"
  • "Smells so good!"

Levels Edit

Level Base Usage Fee Base Appeal Upgrade Cost Max Coins Build Time
1 Coins20 Appeal10 Coins85,000 Coins500 Time3H 30M
2 Coins21 Appeal10 Coins195,000 Coins530 Time4H
3 Coins22 Appeal11 Coins330,000 Coins560 Time5H
4 Coins23 Appeal11 Coins515,000 Coins595 Time7H
5 Coins24 Appeal12 Coins750,000 Coins630 Time10H
6 Coins25 Appeal12 Coins Coins Time
7 Coins26 Appeal13 Coins Coins Time
8 Coins27 Appeal13 Coins Coins Time
9 Coins28 Appeal14 Coins Coins Time
10 Coins29 Appeal14 Coins Coins Time
*Usage Fee and Appeal can be further increased by using items and/or adding decorations

Investment Edit

Invest Logcake

Investing in「Log Cake」for 400,000 Coins will allow you to obtain the shopper set Grandma and Kid and a new item: Log Cake

Effective Items Edit